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A University of the Third Age (U3A) is a voluntary community organization providing low-cost learning to encourage our community to always remain active, alert and interested in the world around us.

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There are no academic entry requirements for membership nor any assessments or examinations. A U3A aims to provide lifelong learning, just for the love of it.

Membership of a U3A is usually open to people who are retired or semi-retired. Class Leaders come from the membership to share the knowledge and skills gained during their working lives and often honed since retirement. Courses range from a few hours to those which run all year, and cover a wide range of interests from hobbies to practical skills such as learning how to use a computer.

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Want to learn a language? History? Need to know more about your digital camera? Courses are tailor-made for those of us who are retired and not wishing to venture into the more formal teaching environments. Costs are very low, and students learn in a relaxed environment with other retirees.

Should you wish to become more involved, there are various voluntary roles that you can participate in, new friends to meet, and a companionable atmosphere for all. An elected committee manages each U3A organization, helped by other volunteers from the membership.

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